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Thoughts on Eir Charging For Free Email and the Importance of Owning Your Online Identity

Eir has recently announced a new monthly charge of €5.99 for using the previously free email service. If a customer doesn’t agree to pay by March 31st, their email accounts will be deleted. Eir has t...

Blacknight: Guaranteed Irish and Building for the Future

We've said it before but it bears repeating. When you register a domain name or host your website or email with Blacknight, you are supporting an Irish business and Irish jobs in the community. That's why we joined Guaranteed Irish a couple of years ago, t...
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Over the past number of years Blacknight have invested heavily in their network infrastructure. While other companies have compromised on uptime we have never given in until we were totally satisfied that our network could sustain both our business and that of our clients.

We are now offering IP transit, wholesale bandwidth and other services based on our world-class network in Dublin, Ireland..

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