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We can offer you a range of bandwidth transit services ....
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Our consultants can help you get setup with RIPE NCC...
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Taking cPanel’s New WordPress Toolkit for a Drive

As someone who has their own dedicated server, I get geekily excited about new features that will make my workflow easier. In its second major update to WHM/cPanel this year, cPanel now has a dedicated WordPress manager. This will change the way a lot of u...

Got a .uk Domain? Some Brexit Changes

Ireland's nearest neighbour is the UK. We also share an island with part of the UK. So it's only natural that .uk domain names are a popular choice for Irish business. If you're doing business with the UK then having a .uk or a domain name for your ...
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Over the past number of years Blacknight have invested heavily in their network infrastructure. While other companies have compromised on uptime we have never given in until we were totally satisfied that our network could sustain both our business and that of our clients.

We are now offering IP transit, wholesale bandwidth and other services based on our world-class network in Dublin, Ireland..

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