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We can offer you a range of bandwidth transit services ....
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Our consultants can help you get setup with RIPE NCC...
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When to choose a VPS versus when to choose a dedicated server

When I was moving web hosts over a year ago, the big decision I had to make was choosing between a VPS and a dedicated server. What’s the difference, and why should you choose one over the other? And why did I end up choosing what I did?  This p...

i2Coalition Survey Results Show That Consumers Prefer Domains and Websites Over Social Media

One of the big questions hovering over e-commerce in recent years is that with the advent of social media platforms - does even having a domain name/website matter these days? The Domain Name Association part of the i2Coalition sought to answer this questi...
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Over the past number of years Blacknight have invested heavily in their network infrastructure. While other companies have compromised on uptime we have never given in until we were totally satisfied that our network could sustain both our business and that of our clients.

We are now offering IP transit, wholesale bandwidth and other services based on our world-class network in Dublin, Ireland..

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